RoguePlay Theatre was founded in 2009 by Kim Charnock and Lorna Meehan, growing out of a previous Company named Kiss My Face Theatre. We decided that name didn’t really cut it for us so after a few painful hours of throwing very quickly dismissed ideas around, as well as trawling through the thesaurus, we decided the two words ‘Rogue’ and ‘Play’ best express our vision and our work. They communicate our urge to push theatrical boundaries and stir up conventional ways of watching and engaging an audience in performance. Really, we’re just lovable rogues, playing around!


Since then the Company have devised and performed numerous productions, managed a Theatre building, run a series of events and workshops, etc. etc…….you name it, we’ve at least tried it.  Primarily concerned with the exploration and integration of a script based or poetic narrative with Physical Theatre and Aerial Circus, The Rogues spend much of their time in the studio training, writing and devising what we call; Circus Theatre. Sometimes that means we are hanging from a trapeze, or silk, sometimes it means we are balancing, lifting or throwing one another, and sometimes it means we are trying to do a number of those things whilst speaking a monologue, singing a song or playing the accordion. But what it always means is that we are playing with ideas, experimenting with the marriage of Circus and Theatre, creating stories and challenging performers. ​​​


Our home is Unit 8, Minerva Works in Digbeth, Birmingham. Set in a wonderfully creative building the space is ideal with plenty of big strong girders to hand things from and tie stuff to. We love it at Minerva and we appreciate how difficult it is for other artists to find space. That being the case you can hire Unit 8 for performance, rehearsals or workshops, whatever your needs. And we are trying our best to keep the rates as cheap as we can.