ee-01Edible Eastside is a visionary initiative to transform a derelict brownfield site into a vibrant and contemporary urban garden for people to learn to grow plants and food.

The garden covers a quarter of an acre of canal-side land, a former distribution depot, which we are converting into a ‘pop-up’ edible park using temporary containers and raised beds.

Our aim is to increase our understanding of urban productive landscapes with a programme of research in practice involving artists, designers, gardeners and chefs to explore a new aesthetic for urban environments.

Edible Eastside wants to to explore through this collaborative process, issues of urban resilience, sustainable development and the role of culture in climate change.

It wants to offer a centralised resource and strategic support for artists, architects, urban gardeners, community activists and regeneration agencies interested in urban food growing. We are currently strategic partners with BCU School of Architecture and Digbeth Residents Association.

Being based in the creative heart of Birmingham, artists will be at the heart of our programme. We plan to offer opportunities for artists to develop their practice in the context of environmentalism, food growing and involving communities in the process.