Black Dogs – Poles

Black Dogs – Poles
Friday 14th December, 5–11pm & Saturday 15th December 12–6pm
Minerva Works, Fazeley Street, Birmingham B5 5RS

Warwick Bar welcomes Black Dogs, an art collective formed in 2003 in Leeds. Their output has included formal exhibitions, relational and participatory installations, public events and interventions, publications, video, audio works and records and collaborative learning projects.

Art collective Black Dogs presents a two-part installation reflecting on the complex and messy dynamics of the festive period. In part one, the audience are invited to navigate the Garden of Unwanted Gifts, a graveyard of all the presents that were ‘not quite right’, accompanied by signs and anecdotes that explain the reason for their redundancy. Those that endure the journey are rewarded with part two; a short sharp shock of intensified Christmas spirit that distils the sugary warmth of time spent celebrating with friends and family. The subject matter has been informed by a public call for anecdotes and stories on gifts and journeys. The audience are invited to contribute their own tales at the end of the experience. Whilst Black Dogs are sceptical of the idea that there is any one true meaning to the festive period, they hope this installation brings you a step closer to finding your own.

HASHFAIL event at Grand Union // 7pm til late / Friday 14 December

Event & publication launch at Grand Union
Friday 14 December, 7pm til late

An evening of film and performance at Grand Union, featuring work by Rhys Coren, Polly Fibre, Joey Holder, JK Keller, Yuri Pattison, Pil & Galia Kollectiv and Oliver Sutherland.

This coincides with WINTER FEST at Warwick Bar. We’ll be serving drinks and will round off the night with dancing.

The event, organised by Open File, is the first in a series of three, investigating distribution and production of art via virtual and digital platforms through sound, performance and digital media.

A Hashfail occurs when a ‘seeded’ torrent file becomes corrupt and ‘bits’ of data cannot be received. Numerous Hashfails lead to the loss of quality and gradual decomposition of a file, shifting it ever-further from its origin, subjecting it to a new type of physicality and texturing.

They have created a torrent including artworks by the artists performing on the night, plus an essay by Gil Leung. Open File Torrent is available NOW!

Verses in Glutterridge – Cathy and Paul Newman

Paul Newman, Snow Man Circle, 2012.

Friday 14th December / Saturday 15th December

Minerva Works, Fazeley Street, Birmingham B5 5RS.

“A journey into a Poundshop in Tooting once provided the curious spectacle of the massed ranks of cheery tat disintegrating into discarded and dumped boxes the further into the back of the store you walked. There came a point where you could walk no further and you wondered what value or possibility this wreckage had for the curious consumer.
Verses in Glutterridge revaluates and skews the logic of the commercial display creating a journey from detritus to glittering seasonality. Objects are stuffed and hidden, paths are created and trodden, lights sparkle from afar and figures inhabit the space to their own logic and patterns. We welcome the traveller in to explore this environment.”

Paul Newman and Cathy Wade will be presenting an installation and performance for Warwick Bar’s Winterreise on the 14th and 15th December 2012. Performance times to be announced shortly.

Five Songs – ESP for WINTERREISE

Five Songs – ESP Offsite Project

Friday 14th December, 5–11pm & Saturday 15th December 12–6pm
Minerva Works, Fazeley Street, Birmingham B5 5RS

Five Songs is an ESP offsite project happening across two days as part of Winterreise/Winter Journey, a collaboration with Sue Ball, MAAP and many others.

For Five Songs selected ESP members will present new work in the rough, industrial space of Unit 7, Minerva Works. Taking the song cycle Winterreise as its starting point, Five Songs examines the voices of five artists: Tracy Hickinbottom, Michael Lightborne, Samuel Rodgers, Kevin Ryan and Rafal Zar, who work across painting, sculpture, sound and video. The off-site project is free and open to all from Friday 14 to Saturday 15 December.

On Wednesday 12 December at 8pm ESP will make its first live transmission of artworks by members as part of a demonstration by John Hill of Lucky PDF. The broadcast will act as a trailer for Five Songs, with artists involved in the project having been invited to develop a version of their work to be available for ESP TV. Continue reading

Grand Union exhibition opening Friday 30 November 6-8pm

Join us for the opening of our new exhibition (On) Accordance this Friday 6-8pm.

(On) Accordance is a collaboration between Grand Union and, which explores the possibilities of working across sites of production and distribution through the presentation of new online commissions and offline versions of web-based artworks.

Featuring works by Irini Karayannopoulou, M+M (Marc Weis and Martin De Mattia), Rosa Menkman, Damien Roach and Richard Sides at Grand Union and online works by Basel Abbas and Ruanne Abou-Rahme, Renee Carmichael, Constant Dullaart, Lucy Pawlak, Ashok Sukumaran, Julia Tcharfas and Ben Vickers, plus guest bloggers Sarah Jury and Le Petit Néant at

We’ve created a playlist to accompany the show – see our You Tube Channel

See our website for more details – exhibition runs until 19 January 2013.


Friday 14th December 17.00-23.00 /  Saturday 15th December 12.00-18.00, Minerva Works @Warwick Bar, Fazeley Street, Birmingham B5 5RS.

This December, the tenants of Warwick Bar will be opening it’s doors to offer an exciting programme of events for WINTERFEST. The event is free to all, and there will be generous supplies of hot food and drink for sale to help keep you toasty and warm!

Ikon Youth Programme, Grand Union, Vivid Projects, and Stryx will be hosting a variety of events and exhibitions all within the vicinity of the Minerva Works building. Continue reading

Finding the Finance; a practical workshop for the independent and creative business sector or ‘how to side-step the banana-skin’

a FREE networking workshop for the small and micro-business, social entrepreneurs, or cultural sector agencies

Thursday 25th October 18.00-20.00 Unit 11, Minerva Works @Warwick Bar, Fazeley Street, Birmingham B5 5RS.

How do you locate and successfully retrieve external funding to accelerate your growth, extend premises, invest in new capital or reach new markets?

This tips-and-hints workshop will open up some of the many and varied sources of funding including grants, loans, equity and social media, to help you identify which might be right for your business requirements and short-cut your route to success.

The workshop will be led by Daniel Carins, an economic development professional with hands-on experience of the independent and creative sectors, with a casestudy of the ERDF funding landscape from K4 Architects’ senior partner Bob Ghosh.

The workshop will enable you to network with other like-minded businesses to learn and share experiences.

There will be light refreshments in partnership with Harris Moore Canvases who are celebrating 10 years of successful trading.

This is a FREE event but places are limited.

Book your ticket online at

Daniel Carins has worked with a wide range of businesses and sectors with a particular interest in helping businesses to grow through innovation, increasing capacity, diversification or cutting costs.  He has assisted in the delivery of start-up and relocation grants on behalf of Walsall Council, and developed a number of bids for the recent round of Regional Growth Fund.

 ISIS Waterside Regeneration/MAAP/Colliers International talks programme in partnership with K4 Architects and Harris Moore Canvases.