Edible Eastside: Birmingham’s first Pop-Up Park opens on Warwick Bar

Come one, come all…Edible Eastside opening for its summer programme of public events

Everyone at Warwick Bar is thrilled to bits with the opening of the Edible Eastside urban garden. It is an inspired project situated on a derelict industrial canal side space which was a former propane gas-filling depot. The site has been transformed through hard work and lots of love into a temporary garden for the purposes of growing food and making art.

The site will be open to the public as a green space with a cafe, container bed plots and studio, sited by the leafy canal-side of Digbeth.

Director, Jayne Bradley states, Edible Eastside is a bold communal vision for the city. We have programmed a multi-disciplinary space, a meeting point for discussions around art, urbanism, localism, food and sustainability. Essentially, however, it is public garden where you can visit, have a coffee by the canal and experience the site.”

The Edible Eastside is run as a social enterprise. It rents plots to people and restaurants, runs a café using the food grown, offers training courses and sells produce. It will be managed by a team of volunteers who are interested in being part of the radical ‘park’. Director Jayne Bradley states, “We have created a learning space, where we can teach by action and sharing ideas, from creating, cooking and growing”.

Resident artist Cathy Wade has developed an arts programme with co-director, Rob Hewitt. Cathy states, “Edible Eastside is a rich space for artists to explore how they can interact with new audiences. It is a space full of possibilities and questions for art which makes the site a vital and exciting prospect for the development of new work.

Congratulations to Jayne, Cathy and Rob at Edible Eastside and to all the men from the CSV service who have put their backs into clearing the space and making it welcoming.

Opening times are Thursday, Friday and Saturdays from 1st April to 30th August from 12-5pm at Warwick Wharf, 122 Fazeley Street, Digbeth B5 5RS. 

For further information, contact Jayne Bradley on 07970 730646 or on the website www.edibleeastside.net